• Amy Romano

    Amy Romano

    Midwifing the system. CEO at Primary Maternity Care. www.primarymaternitycare.com

  • EqualMeasures2030


    Putting data + evidence in the hands of girls’ & women’s movements, advocates & decision makers to reach the #GlobalGoals — www.equalmeasures2030.org

  • Half the Sky

    Half the Sky

    Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. Based on the book by @NickKristof & Sheryl @WuDunn. PBS series Oct. 2012 http://halftheskymovement.org

  • American Women

    American Women

    A new organization affiliated with @emilyslist aiming to amplify the voices of women across the country



    JOUZGE is attitude, edge and kick-ass state of awesomeness. JOUZGE is something every GIRL is born with. What will you raise #TothePowerofGIRL ?

  • Jackie Rotman

    Jackie Rotman

    Founder of Center for Intimacy Justice. Founded Everybody Dance Now! prior. Writer, activist, learner. Stanford MBA, Harvard MPA.

  • Carmelina Monea

    Carmelina Monea

  • Anne-Marie Archambault

    Anne-Marie Archambault

    Yoga & food lover | conceptrice au contenu | content creator | FREE (lance) | Health Coach @nutritionschool - NY | FR-EN | SMILE, it works.

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