Documenting Diabetes in Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes — diabetes in pregnancy — affects 1 in 7 pregnant women. And the vast majority of women affected live in low-and middle-income countries.

Solutions exist to address this problem, and yet diabetes in pregnancy remains overlooked as a major health priority.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Photo Contest

Together with the World Diabetes Foundation, Women Deliver launched a photo contest to show the real face of diabetes in pregnancy and call on decision makers to address this issue.

Photographers from around the world submitted photos from China, India, and Nigeria — some of the highest burden countries — that tell the story of someone who’s been impacted by diabetes during pregnancy.

View the inspiring photos of women, children, and healthcare workers:

Winner: Nimai Chandra Ghosh, India

Winner: Amitava Chandra, India

Winner: Supriya Biswas, India

Honorable Mentions:

  • Radha Saini, India
  • Smita Sharma, India
  • Sudipto Das, India
  • Rajesh Jain, India
  • Rosemary Ogu, Nigeria
  • Mohammed Bayero Yayandi, Nigeria
  • Bridget Okeke, Nigeria

For more information, please visit the Women Deliver page on diabetes in pregnancy:

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